• I work by appointment mostly. I do occasionally take walk-ins, howevever if you are looking to start a larger project or something that I think will require a considerable amount of drawing time I will suggest for you to make an appointment so I can make the best tattoo possible for you.
  • I am always open to suggestions but if you are a person that feels that they need to control every step of the tattoo, stress over the outcome, stresses about seeing a drawing prior to your appointment, want me to duplicate someone else's tattoo work/style, or in need of an exact price quote on larger work - we probably won't be a good match. I am more than willing to work with my customers and I trust that anyone that wants to get tattooed by me has researched the work/style I do and trusts in my abilities, for the is the style I am best at.
  • I keep a sketchbook of tattoo ideas I would love to tattoo. It's on me at all times and I am constantly updating it with new designs, if you're looking to add something fun to your collection.

Rob Hamilton

Professional Tattooer. 

Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 

Tattoo Faction. 


Email. Rhamiltontattoos@gmail.com

Phone(Tattoo Faction). 440-686-1311

Instagram. @robhamiltontattoo




Monday. 10AM - 5PM

Tuesday. 4PM-11PM

Friday & Saturday. NOON - 8PM

Sunday. NOON - 6PM